For this project, when tasked to design a map, one could explore reality, or create something that was more than just a physical place. A map is defined as a drawing of the earth’s surface, or part of that surface, showing the shape and position of different countries, political boarders, natural features such as rivers and mountains, and artificial features such as roads and buildings.

Growing up, children read stories and tales and form a connection to them. These connections of course weren't physical connections, but connections in their memories that, when adults, will transport them back in time to when they first read the story. When reading a book, one also gets transported to another place where time seems to run different. This map is where some of those books meet.

The takeaways from this project were learning how to use hand drawn elements mixed with typography and Photoshop to create a cohesive piece. Using blending modes I figured out how to take an idea in the physical world and translate it into the digital. This map is more than just flat words on a page, but a whole new world to explore.