The task for this project was creating a brand for a toy store. Genuine Toy Co. is a toy store located in Plymouth, Michigan that strives to be a totally unique shopping experience and is just plain fun to explore. The customer will be surprised with toys they grew up with but haven’t seen for ages, toys that captivate the imagination of young and old alike, science & craft kits of all kinds, real fossils and minerals, an entire wall chock full of award-winning family and enthusiast games, and so much more.

The design of the brand created brings their ideas to life. The logo created is hand lettered using the pen tool in Illustrator. The colors chosen were to reflect the vintage feel of old toys. Howerever, it also gives and updated style that speaks to the new toys that children can explore.

The takeaways from this project we learning how to take a customers passions and ideals and put them into a brand system for others to be passionate about as well.